Top 8 Nike SB Skate Shoes for Every Budget

Skate shoes are a worthy investment both for skateboarding and fashion purposes. Back in the early 2000s, footwear supplier and sports equipment manufacturer Nike introduced their line of skate shoes called the “SB” to the skateboarding community. Despite being an initial flop, the sub-brand eventually gained massive popularity among skaters, shoe collectors, and the general […]

5 mins read

Are Modal T-Shirts Natural Or Synthetic?

You’ve probably heard about modal fabric. It’s lightweight, stretchy, breathable, and more environmentally friendly than many other textiles.  Modal is used for many clothes, from underwear to t-shirts, and has become a beloved fashion industry fabric choice.  One thing, however, confuses many shoppers. Are modal t-shirts natural or synthetic? What is the modal fabric actually […]

4 mins read

Gender Neutral Fashion is the Future

Fashion is ever-changing. More people want to free themselves from the typical gender roles dictated by society, and this attitude is playing a massive role in influencing the fashion industry. Gender-neutral fashion is not just but a stage; instead, it is a movement towards evolution. The concepts of being muscular and feminine no longer define […]

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