How to Draw Men’s Fashion Design Sketches

If you are interested in creating fashion illustrations, the first step is to learn how to draw a body sketch, also known as a sketch. Drawing the human form can be a daunting task. The proportion must be just right to give the drawing visual appeal and authenticity. While it is essential for every fashion designer to have sketching skills, you can perfect your craft by first tracing an image to create a basic sketch if you are new to fashion drawing. Click To Read More

Find Your Perfect Cardigan by Keeping These 7 Things in Mind

Certain clothing themes are worn in different seasons – bikinis and swimsuits for summer, flower dresses for the spring, and so on. But the winter season brings the trend of cardigans. You get to see many different styles of cardigans.  Our choice of clothing expresses our mood and personality and helps to reflect it better. The same goes for finding the perfect cardigan to suit your personality. Here, we will discuss how to choose the perfect one! Click To Read More

7 Popular Jewelry Trends We Have Seen So Far In 2021

If you turn out to be a jewelry lover and you need inspiration for your jewelry collection this year, well you might want to check these popular jewelry trends in 2021 sourced from third parties reviews on Collected.Reviews.

Mismatched Earrings

This trend is a playful and fun one. Just because earrings come in pairs doesn’t mean they must be worn in pairs. This trend has been around since the ’90’s punk’, where you would wear one hoop on one ear and nothing stays on the other ear. For instance you can either wear dangling pearl earrings on one ear and a stud on the other or you can choose to dress one ear and leave the other. Either way you would be mismatching. You can also check the

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Gender Neutral Fashion is the Future

Fashion is ever-changing. More people want to free themselves from the typical gender roles dictated by society, and this attitude is playing a massive role in influencing the fashion industry. Gender-neutral fashion is not just but a stage; instead, it is a movement towards evolution. The concepts of being muscular and feminine no longer define the clothing people wear. Both genders choose to express themselves on their terms rather than bound to a specific idea, culture, or class. Functionality and individuality are the driving principles behind this. You can check out Reviews Bird to learn more about gender-neutral fashion. You can also review online shopping sites to find gender-neutral fashion designs.

Big fashion brands are trying to position themselves as relevant and trendy by advancing their gender-neutral products to attract a new clientele spectrum. The millennial and generation Z who are considered important retail consumers are taking the world by the horns challenging everything about fashion and clothing. The sexual orientation concept is changing in both worlds of the fashion industry. 

Over the years society has dictated that men should dress in one way and women in another but with time women have been taking up men’s roles, and men are now taking on women’s roles primarily in the fashion sector. Digital platforms play a part in helping marginalized people form online communities to amplify their diverse viewpoints. H&M is one of the fashion brands that started a gender-neutral denim line, and this showed that they were putting behind all the stereotypes and limitations. It is the new norm with most brands to include this fashion in their retail shops which are suitable for both men and women. It is important to note that the

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