Find Your Perfect Cardigan by Keeping These 7 Things in Mind

Certain clothing themes are worn in different seasons – bikinis and swimsuits for summer, flower dresses for the spring, and so on. But the winter season brings the trend of cardigans. You get to see many different styles of cardigans.  Our choice of clothing expresses our mood and personality and helps to reflect it better. The same goes for finding the perfect cardigan to suit your personality. Here, we will discuss how to choose the perfect one!

This article will talk about all the factors you need to keep in mind before buying your dream cardigan, which you can style and wear with different outfits. Let’s get started!

1. Style & Wardrobe

The most important part of choosing your perfect cardigan is determining your style. How do you usually dress? Is it casual and comfortable? Is it glamorous and fashionable? Retro and funky? A mix of everything? You get the point! Choose a cardigan that resonates with your style and compliments your wardrobe. Try to consider your general style and what your closet already has when considering your potentially perfect cardigan. Then select the cardigan that you know will go with your outfits.

2. Determining your perfect fit

Let’s talk about your fit! What kind of fit do you prefer? Are you a fan of tight-fitting cardigans that flatter your figure? A fan of the boxy sweaters with plenty of wiggle space? Do you like the hem to be hip-length, or should it be longer? Is it important for you to have something light or something substantial? Think of what you already own that has a flattering silhouette and a comfortable fit, and ask yourself all of these questions. When you consider designs, keep the overall shape of the garment in mind.

3. Explore The Type Of Cardigan you Want

There are many cardigan types to choose from in this world. Let’s talk about some of them, shall we? First, we have open cardigans! There are several designs for open cardigans. They all have no buttons or hooks in general but have different types of hemlines and necklines. Next, we have the tunic cardigan. These look very similar to the regular long cardigans but are mostly buttoned on the front. Next, we have zipped cardigans! These cardigans have a zip on the front, often with front pockets, and are usually a perfect replacement for jackets.

Another variety is the belted cardigans! If you miss wearing your favorite summer dress, the belted cardigan is an ideal replacement. Normally, they have a matching belt with an open front. Belted cardigans are a perfect fit for a well-toned body. Lastly, there are the hoodie-type cardigans! These cardigans have an open face or a zipper that makes them look rugged like a sweater. It is a great choice for a casual look to be worn over your jeans. Some cardigans are also accompanied by a hood to offer a sporty look.

4. Choose your desired yarn

The finished product, like any knitting project, will be heavily influenced by the yarn you choose. What colors you choose, what needle size you’ll use, and how the final fabric will knit up depends on the thread you use. You want a cardigan that is comfortable to wear and won’t make your body itch. You’ll want to select a great yarn that works for certain stitch patterns, depending on the patterns and textures that appear in it. Try to test each yarn to see if they knit well to suit your design.

If you want a thinner cardigan, use thread to knit out, but watch out for the needles too. A heavy chunky cardigan will use bulks of yarn to be knitted in. Make use to always pluck out excess strings to give it a cleaner look. Your cardigan depends on your yarn so take time to choose your materials wisely.

5. The color

If you choose to integrate a piece into your daily wardrobe, pick a color that you are comfortable wearing. Do you favor neutrals, brights, earthy tones, jewel tones, or pastels in your wardrobe? Choose a color that complements the rest of your wardrobe and that you adore.

If you are bold enough and are a fan of funky, outrageous styles, you can select a cardigan with multiple colors. But that could be a lot of work and money to be put in and may not be ideal for a casual day. The point is, choose the color that fits your personality, that can complement your wardrobe, and have a bit of everything. One thing to note: try not to have a similar palate and keep some colors that could be worn on fancy occasions. Then try out sample clothing and colors to see which color cardigans can fit your style before finalizing your perfect piece!

6. Textures

Like other clothing items, cardigans come in various types of textures and fabrics, from the thinnest materials to chunky ones. You have an array of materials to choose from. To give you an idea, Stockinette stitch and other simple knit fabrics are perfect for daily basics and mindless knitting. For a fun-loving approach, try using cables, ribbing, and ultra-textured materials. However, these will make for a warmer cardigan which is ideal for autumn and winter.

A thinner cardigan is ideal for everyday wear and can be paired with any casual outfit. Its downside is that you have to iron it a lot to get those wrinkles away. If you do not want this hassle, knit a chunkier one, but it might not be perfect for the summer months. The bottom line is, keep all of these in mind before choosing your textures and knit them accordingly.

7. Extra features

Some people are pleased with a simple plain cardigan in their closet. But if you want to lift it and make it extra, try adding some features to it. Some of the common additions can include buttons, zippers, and pockets. All these can be mixed and matched to make your plain cardigan more fashionable. Want more ideas? Try adding designer laces on the borders, or mix colored clothes for a funky, retro approach. You can always customize your cardigan to meet your needs, be it for practical uses, your aesthetic purposes, or just a casual day to show off your designs!

BONUS: How To Style Your Cardigan And The Trends!

Did you make it till here? Good! If you have the perfect cardigan ready, let us give you some tips to style it! Cardigans can be styled in several ways. You should try to order a smaller fit option if you want an option that looks oversized. If the cardigan is very oversized and boxy, try to opt for a straight cut or a slimmer cut pant to compliment the look.

You may wear wide-legged or high-tail pants with a cropped or shorter cardigan. Furthermore, you can even use different ideas of styling denim by using your cardigan! The guys can try a chunky brown cardigan and pair it with a scarf and turtleneck for the perfect male autumn style.

Let’s talk about the trends to follow

The long cardigan: It has always existed and is probably the most forgiving and easiest trend ever, especially in darker shades.

The classic cardigan, worn as a blouse: Another trend is to wear the traditional twin set cardigan, tucking it into your jeans or pants as a blouse – buttoned or unbuttoned.

The coatigan: It’s the perfect trend, particularly when it can pass for a real coat in the autumn-winter months. It’s stunning both in the overgrown open version and the slender version with a waistband.

The short, V-neck cardigan: Perhaps the easiest trend to hop on is the V-neck cardigan; you can customize it with big buttons and chunky yarn!

There you have it! Everything you need to consider before you buy a cardigan! By reading through this list, did you find something you liked? What type of cardigan would go with your style? The color you want to implement in your wardrobe? The patterns and design you would knit from all the inspirations you have taken? Tell us about your perfect cardigan! Show us how you style your cardigan! Hope this article helped you form your vision of your ideal cardigan and can help you achieve it. Knit your styles and designs. Hope you love the process. Happy Knitting!