7 Popular Jewelry Trends We Have Seen So Far In 2021

If you turn out to be a jewelry lover and you need inspiration for your jewelry collection this year, well you might want to check these popular jewelry trends in 2021 sourced from third parties reviews on Collected.Reviews.

Mismatched Earrings

This trend is a playful and fun one. Just because earrings come in pairs doesn’t mean they must be worn in pairs. This trend has been around since the ’90’s punk’, where you would wear one hoop on one ear and nothing stays on the other ear. For instance you can either wear dangling pearl earrings on one ear and a stud on the other or you can choose to dress one ear and leave the other. Either way you would be mismatching. You can also check the best online jewelry shops for stunning jewelries.

Cuban Link Collection

Cuban link was one of the biggest trends in 2020, it is no doubt this collection is still a trend in 2021. It is a variation of the hip hop styles prominent in the 1970s. Its name was Latin inspired because it was popular with the enclaves of Cuban, Mexico. It has managed to stick around for a long while now that it has become a top item on every wish list.

The Cuban link chains and bracelets are made of gold and some diamonds. 

Well, It is a top notch fashion accessory that would represent you well, of course it would trend.

Thick Chain Links

Thick link chains are also trends in 2020 that still trends in 2021. It is another form of chain links. Thick chain links are usually thick and bold chain links, usually made of gold. These sizes of chain links dominated the hip hop styles back in the 90’s and still retain their uniqueness till this day. You can get different types of chains from www.adinasjewels.com.

Colorful Beads and Bracelets

This jewelry trend has always been a popular one. It is so easy and light to wear on a beach during summer. It’s multicolor also enhances the color of your clothes. It’s no wonder it’s still a trend in 2021.

Layered Chain Necklace

Layered chain necklaces were beauty trends of 2020 that have made its way down to 2021. They exist in double layer, triple layer, four layers in some cases too. These chains lay properly with pendants of gold, diamond or pearl always make distinct elegance.

Chain Link Huggies

Chain Link Huggies are pairs of simple metal link chains shaped in huggies. They are made of gold or silver, just like other chain link collections. They are simple and comfy earrings for everyday wear.

Extra-long Pendant Necklace

This is also one of the popular 2021 jewelry trends that has made its way down from history. Long pendant necklaces are pretty easy to rock on casual wears. They give you a not-too-busy look and make you comfortable through the day.

Shell and Cowrie Necklace

This has always been a popular jewelry trend which dated back since culture existed. Shell necklace is a type of shell craft. It is usually made from collected seashells, either whole or parts.

2021 is barely a month old, and we have seen a number of trends already. We also expect to see much more trends, especially in the jewelry world, but for now, these 7 are some of the top trends we’ve seen so far.