What Essentials Does Every Man Need in His Closet?

Figuring out the correct essentials for your closet is an uphill task and takes considerable effort. However, as a man, it is essential to curate the perfect wardrobe of items you will wear, making it easier to get dressed daily even if it takes effort, time, and money.

The point of these essentials is to have timeless pieces that stand the test of time and work across different seasons. In the long run, you will also be able to save money since you won’t be buying new clothes every time you have a new event to attend.

Sometimes you find out about an occasion too late and, since you’re not prepared, end up attending dressed inappropriately. For instance, while that pair of sweat pants work when relaxing with your favorite casino games on sites like PlayCroco Casino indoors, they are inappropriate for a semi-formal Saturday afternoon gathering.

If you want to look put together and don’t know where to start, here is a list of essential pieces that every man needs in their closet.

A suit

Although some workplaces don’t expect their staff to wear suits, every man needs at least one grey, black or navy suit. If you can afford it, consider getting one blue and one grey suit. These are great for a wardrobe rotation.

Many people gravitate towards navy blue suits since this color is vibrant but, more importantly, versatile. Go for a slim-fitting structured suit made from quality material. Wool is one of the best materials for suits during winter, while linen and light cotton are better suited for summer.

A suit is also versatile since you can wear the pieces separately. For instance, you could style the jacket with some chino pants adding panache to your smart-casual look. There are two options, a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit.

Collared dress and casual shirts

Every gentleman needs casual and dress shirts in their closet. A dress shirt is for formal settings and is designed to be worn under a jacket. They tend to have only one pocket and don’t have decorative designs like epaulets. Dress shirts typically come in solid colors, checks, or stripes.

Start with two, a white and blue shirt, and you can add more in the future. These two colors are versatile and can therefore be paired with different bottoms.

On the other hand, you need casual button-downs for semi-formal or casual environments. They come in various patterns and styles, so you’ll find something that ticks your fancy. Some have double pockets, roll-tab sleeves, button-down collars, and contrasting fabrics.

If you spend most days in suits, consider investing in more dress shirts than casual button-downs. If you are a casual dresser, get more button-downs than dress shirts.

Tailored overcoat

You need a well-made overcoat for the colder months when the weather starts to change. Outerwear trends come and go, but a tailored coat is a timeless piece and can be layered with virtually anything.

Since your overcoat is supposed to serve you for dozens of cold seasons, spending a little more on the piece is okay. Invest in the best quality and a timeless, clean silhouette.

Versatile pants

Get several versatile pairs of pants that can easily be matched with various pieces and accessories to create unique looks. There are different types of pants depending on your preferences.

First, get chinos, which are lightweight pants made from cotton. They often come in lighter colors like tan, blue and taupe and can be styled formally and casually. You can buy a pair of khaki pants if you like casual looks.

Next, add two pairs of well-fitting dark denim trousers. Jeans are incredibly versatile since you can dress them up or down. The secret to looking put together in jeans is getting the right fit for your body type.

Lastly, get neutral-colored slacks for cooler weather and a pair of shorts for summer, although the latter doesn’t flatter all body types.

White t-shirts

A crisp white t-shirt is the ultimate basic as it is the foundation of many great casual looks. Look for a white t-shirt in different classic cuts and necklines for variety. This is also ideal since you want to alternate between your white shirts to maintain their whiteness.

High-quality t-shirts maintain whiteness longer and better than their counterparts, although it is also wise to invest in whitening detergents. You can also find an excellent white t-shirt at a low price, mid-range, and luxury prices.

Dress shoes

You need a classic dress shoe in your wardrobe, and the type of shoe you choose depends on what you typically wear. For instance, a black oxford is perfect if you are always in suits.

A classic loafer is a perfect option if you dress more smart-casual or casual. Double monks are also great for a stylish formal look.

A crisp white trainer

As simple as it sounds, a clean white sneaker makes for a dazzling and effortless weekend accessory. Pair the trainer with a white t-shirt or button-down and a pair of dark-wash jeans, and you have a simple, clean look.

Choose a trainer with a slim, delicate sole for that crisp look when shopping. Chunky soles take away from this aesthetic. You can also opt for different fabrics like suede and canvas, but nothing beats a white leather sneaker. Leather also lasts longer.


People perceive you differently depending on how you’re dressed. Caring about your presentation boosts your confidence and inclines those around you to take you seriously.