Top 8 Nike SB Skate Shoes for Every Budget

Skate shoes are a worthy investment both for skateboarding and fashion purposes. Back in the early 2000s, footwear supplier and sports equipment manufacturer Nike introduced their line of skate shoes called the “SB” to the skateboarding community.

Despite being an initial flop, the sub-brand eventually gained massive popularity among skaters, shoe collectors, and the general public. So if you are looking to purchase your first-ever pair of skate shoes or add another to your collection, here are the top eight Nike SB skate shoes for every budget:

Nike SB Shane O’Neill

If you’re looking for good skate shoes, don’t forget to check out the Nike SB Skate shoes available in the market, starting with the SB Shane O’Neill. Ranked by most reviewers as the best skate shoes under the sub-brand, it is one of the many functional and fashionable Nike skate shoes you might want to check out first.

At a starting price of $115, it is a relatively cheap yet long-lasting and comfortable skate shoe. It has a simple and practical design that certainly endures the passage of trends and new aesthetics. But note that it may not be the most suitable for skaters with wider feet!

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

Known for its popularity and optimum flexibility, the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski is sure to produce the best skateboard feel for skaters and a good fit and grip for casual wearers. But it can be more costly for those on a tight budget, so weigh your choices first.

The SB Zoom Stefan Janoski has over eleven versions, with the Hyperfeel and Slip-On built for increased board feel and functionality. At a starting price of $130, its overall look and durability are an investment worth every cent. 

Nike SB Check Solar

Perhaps one of the cheapest yet most practical skate shoes under the sub-brand is the $89 Nike SB Check Solar. It is the best shoe product for skaters with a minimal budget looking for optimum impact protection and skateboard feel.

With the physical nature of the sport, skaters certainly land on the wrong foot from time to time. So the SB Check Solar prides itself on having the best absorption property to protect the wearer from the impact of awful landings!

Nike SB Satire

The Nike SB Satire is another cost-friendly skate staple for prospective buyers with a tight budget. At a starting price of $90, the low-top, no-nonsense suede shoe produces pro-level skate performance despite its minimalist design and low costs.

If you are looking for an affordable and highly functional skate shoe with a straightforward look, then the SB Satire is a perfect option. It is ideal for beginners to skateboarding, and casual wearers for its utility and simplicity can serve both sport and fashion purposes.

Nike SB Dunk High

Everybody wants to look cool when mounting their skateboards. So besides use and practicality, stylish skate shoes with trendy designs are also becoming more in demand among shoppers. Among various fashionable footwear include the $179 Nike SB Dunk High.

Unifying skateboarding and basketball culture by its iconic looks, the SB Dunk High design first emerged from the Nike Dunk. Its fame transitioned from basketball teams to the skaters’ crowd, with added features and utility for skateboarding purposes creating the SB Dunk High.

Nike SB Bruin React

The Nike SB Bruin React is another durable and lightweight skate shoe you must also check out. At a starting price of $149, it is widely regarded by shoe collectors and reviewers as one of the best skating staples in the sub-brand.

Developers originally created the Nike React foam used in the SB Bruin React to minimize injuries and heavy impact when running. As such, it is unsurprisingly stable and breathable. Conversely, its only drawback is similar to the SB Shane O’Neill—the shoe is a narrow fit.

Nike SB Adversary

The $120 Nike SB Adversary is a skate shoe made with optimum look and practicality on and off-board. As it is versatile, highly comfortable, and suitable for any activity, it is footwear you must also consider purchasing!

Harnessing inspiration from tennis shoes, the SB Adversary has a retro, minimalist design. Its thick rubber outsole also provides good grip and durability when on board but is nevertheless still lightweight and well-fitting.

Nike SB Charge

At a low starting price of $90, a cozy and long-lasting skate shoe is within your reach. With a low-top, sporty look that reflects versatility and utility on and off-board, the Nike SB Charge is the perfect skate shoe for budding skaters on a minimal budget.

The affordable and lightweight SB Charge offers maximum support and durability, making it one of the most sought-out skate shoes in the sub-brand. It has a soft sock liner and reinforced padded inserts, making it a good, flexible compromise if you are short on finances.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, top-quality skate shoes can be costly. But rest assured that Nike SB will consistently deliver the best of the best shoe products that are more pocket-friendly! So shop through the following skate shoes listed above and become the coolest, most stylish skater on the ramp.