Truck Covers 101: How To Install BAKFlip Tonneau Covers

Purchasing a BAKFlip tonneau cover can be a great way to upgrade your truck. If you are excited to start enjoying your cover, you may be ready to put it in place. However, this process can be a little more complicated than is ideal for certain truck bed covers. Fortunately, BAK Industries generally makes the process easy. The following are the steps for the MX4 and most BAKFlip covers.

1) Place the Seals

If your truck does not have a drop-in bed liner, install the included weather sealing strip. This can just be rolled out along the edge of the bed. It is not necessary if there is a bed liner.

2) Position and Clamp the Rails

Position the rails with the silver bracket at the front, near the cab. Starting at the front, align the clamps so that they hold the rail in place. Pushing down on the rail, slowly tighten the clamps. You should position one clamp every six to nine inches.

4) Attach Prop Rods

Clip the prop rods to their ball mount on the rail. This should be a simple clip-in process.

5) Position the Cover

Place the cover (without connecting it) on the rails. It should be fully rolled up and at the front of the bed. The small panel should be at the bottom, against the rear of the truck cab.

6) Install the Buckle Ends

Using a screwdriver, mount the two buckle ends into the pre-drilled holes. This should be done with the machine screws and threaded posts.

7) Install the Cab Bumpers

Position the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover so that the small panel is flush against the front of the bed, just inside the bulkhead rail. Lift up the next panel as it would rest against the cab. Place the cab bumpers to protect your truck body.

8) Connect the Front Panel

With the large, flat bolts and rubber washers, connect the front panel. Repeat on both sides. Tighten loosely for the moment.

9) Adjust the Seal

Unfold the cover and check the seal against the tailgate. T should fit just inside the tailgate. Before tightening the front bolts fully, position the cover to ensure an ideal seal. It should slide forward and backward until you have completely tightened the bolts at the cab.

10) Connect the Drain Hoses

Finally, connect the front drain hoses to the bed plug. Alternatively, run the drain hoses under the bed liner. If neither of these options is possible, you may need to drill a hole in the plastic of your bed. Connect the hoses to ensure proper draining.

With that step, you have fully installed your tonneau cover. It should open easily and create a complete seal when closed.

Install Your BAKFlip Mx4 Today

Check out some BAKFlip MX4 for sale. Alternatively, consider another BAK Industries tonneau cover. They offer a lot of protection and security improvement for truck beds. With the simple installation process as described above, you can enjoy all the benefits of a bed cover without the hassle of drilling holes. Get started today and upgrade your truck.