What Are the Best Traveling Snacks to Carry Abroad?

Are you going for a long hour’s flight and worried about your hunger cravings? Also, you don’t want to eat unhealthy snacks on your trip as they may disturb your stomach, thus ruining your vacation? Don’t worry; we are here with some fantastic ideas to make your trip memorable by comprising your hunger. You can make it even more memorable if you can have a little extra spending money from your Grande Vegas casino bonuses

This article will give you insight into the snacks list you can bring with you while traveling.

Benefits of keeping snacks while traveling

Snacks are used to relieve our hunger pain. While boarding a long-hour flight, you will definitely need these munchkins to keep your tummy full. While keeping your own snacks for the flight will give you the following benefits

  • These snacks are healthy and full of nutrients.
  • They will subside your hunger and pain.
  • Snacks are budget-friendly and will not cost too much like restaurant food.
  • They are easy to carry and will occupy less space.
  • They have a long life and will not rotten instantly.
  • These snacks will help you to avoid unhealthy junk food.
  • You can stick to your diet even on travel as you can customize your ready-to-use diet meal plan.

List of 13 Snacks to keep on travel

Here is the list of snacks that you can keep while traveling:


The oatmeal is a quick fix for a healthy breakfast. Pour some hot or cold milk, add honey and topping of dry fruits or berries, and enjoy your delicious meal to satisfy your hunger. If you plan on eating your oats with cold milk (kind of like cereal) I strongly suggest you buy just regular crushed oats not the little packets of instant oatmeal. It’s meant to be heated and cooked and turns into a dry, bland, goo like glue if you try just adding milk to it. Learn from some one elses’ mistakes.


Nuts are a source of vitamins, fats, and other beneficial nutrients. Keep them in your bag; a handful of dry fruits is enough to feel complete.

You can make your own nut’s plate by adding roasted peanuts, figs, pistachios, dry apricots, and peas.


Cookies are the best choice of snacks when you are on a trip. They will give you a feeling of fullness and will refresh your mood. Can keep cookies full of chocolates or nuts also can eat caramel filled cookies.


Granola is also a good option for breakfast, like oats. You can make your crunchy granola pot or can eat packed granola bars.


Well, who is not a Chocolate lover? No one can forget his Chocolate while on a trip. These sweet little packs will make you satisfied every time. Keep the chocolate bars or chocolate chips to control your hunger drives.

Salted chickpeas

The roasted chickpeas packet could be a great companion on a trip.

Dry fruits

You can keep compressed dry fruits, i.e., apples, mango slices, apricots, and bananas, with you in your luggage bag. These dry fruits will ease your cravings at night.

Protein powder

It is a myth that only gym people can use protein powder. No! You can keep protein powder with you while going outside.

Add spoons of powder in a bottle according to your choice, pour some milk or water, and enjoy your quick meal full of nutrients. And they will give you energy for hole day.

Potato chips

Well! Potato chips need no introduction. Everyone loves them with heart and enjoys them either at home, at school, or on trips. Bring a bag of potato chips to make your travel easy peasy.

Peanut Butter

A little jar of peanut butter will add value to your breakfast. Spread some peanut butter on a bread slice and enjoy.


Last but not least, our very own popcorn. The Popcorns could be the best option for a snack. They are freshly available in packets, or you can make your own by keeping the pack in the microwave for two seconds.

You can enjoy both salty and sweaty popcorns in caramel and chocolate options.

Kale Chips

The dried kale chips are full of nutrients, and you will feel good after eating them.

Banana Bread

If you are traveling, keep the banana bread made of coconut oil instead of butter. Also, you can use diet banana bread if it is made up of multigrain’s flour.

Snacks to avoid while traveling

Going on a flight or living in a hotel room, you must avoid following snacks before stepping out from home. Because these snacks will make your travel horrible by disturbing your stomach.


Although lentils are enriched with fibers but before travel, they may cause a gaseous problem in your abdomen being a heavy meal.

Try to eat a light meal before a journey.


Don’t consume alcohol while going on a trip. It will make you uncomfortable during the whole journey, or you can be kicked out of the plane due to the No-Alcohol policy.

Fast food

Don’t eat or bring junk or fast food like pizza, burgers, or hot dogs while on the plane. These foods will become smelly after some time and poisonous to your gut.

Liquid snacks

Don’t ever bring a liquid snack with you if it is not packed correctly. It can create a mess in your bag.

Or beverage cane can be burst out due to high altitude pressure. Avoid these to make your trip hustle accessible.

How to pack the Snacks while traveling

Properly packing your snack will keep them fresh for a long time.

Here are some tips to keep your snack fresh and crunchy:

  • Use Airtight jars to keep your cookies and chips fresh.
  • Use tight lid boxes to keep your sandwiches fresh.
  • Roll your sandwiches in beeswax covered wraps, as they are plastic-free and can be used again and again.
  • You can use silicon bags to keep your dry chips and nuts fresh also, they will occupy less space.
  • Always use leak-proof boxes to keep your bag free from mess.


Kick out your hunger fear and enjoy your vacations with the snacks mentioned in the article. You can add the list with more items.

These snacks will also make your mood fresh on your trip, apart from being healthy. And you will not have to rush to market to fulfill your hunger.