Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes – Which Are Right for You?

Golf shoes have been evolving for many years. And with all the varieties of golf shoes available in the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best.

Many people have been struggling to choose between spiked and spikeless golf shoes. To find out which one is right for you, it is crucial to know the characteristics of each type and their advantages.

This article aims to help you determine which type of golf shoes are suitable for you and your needs. It’s perfect for those looking for new spikeless golf shoes interested in knowing about other options available.

Comparing Spiked and Spikeless Golf Shoes

To figure out which type of golf shoes are better, it is crucial to consider your taste and what condition you will play in. We analyze the advantages and drawbacks of each shoe according to its comfort, performance, durability, breathability, style, and cost.


When you hit the golf ball, you have to apply large forces against the ground, pushing back into your body and causing movement. 

However, most golfers do not know that these forces are not going directly into the ground. Instead, a massive amount of force is applied forward-back and side-to-side when performing a golf swing.

If there is not enough traction between the ground and your golf shoes, this may result in your back foot slipping early on in your downswing.

Spiked golf shoes provide more traction compared to spikeless golf shoes. But most of the time, both types of shoes can keep your feet planted on the ground.

However, when playing in wet conditions, spikeless golf shoes cannot provide sufficient traction and may cause you to slip.

It would be best to use spiked golf shoes when playing in wet conditions as they provide more traction. If you are playing in dry conditions, both golf shoes are suitable for use, and your decision depends on your personal preference.


Having a great pair of comfortable golf shoes is crucial. They must fit well and support your feet appropriately.

Spiked golf shoes have firmer and stiffer bases, while spikeless golf shoes have a softer foam base. Both offer great support and can be incredibly comfortable.

However, many golfers prefer spikeless golf shoes as they are more comfortable. Also, you will feel fresher with spikeless golf shoes as they are lighter. 


Breathability is essential when choosing golf shoes, especially if you are playing on a hot day, as they keep you cool. 

If you are playing in dry, hot conditions, spikeless golf shoes are the best choice for breathability. Spikeless golf shoes usually have lighter, thinner, and more breathable fabrics that absorb sweat from your feet.


One of the primary benefits of spiked golf shoes is durability. The studs can last around 12-24 months, or even longer if well-maintained. Also, you can have the studs replaced for $10 to $20.

Spikeless golf shoes also offer excellent durability; however, you have to keep in mind that they are not as long-lasting as spiked golf shoes, and they may wear out quicker. Also, if your spikeless cleats are gone, you have to purchase a new pair of shoes.

In addition, some spikeless golf shoes have an inferior top fabric that wears quickly. Therefore, it is vital to look after your shoes properly and clean off any dirt and debris to keep them in good condition.

Also, avoid going to spiky bushes because these can pull away from the knitted fabrics.


Both types of golf shoes can resist water to an extent. However, spikeless has a more water-resistant fabric. In comparison, many spiked golf shoes are usually completely waterproof and often have a one-year or two-year warranty.


Spiked and spikeless golf shoes offer different styles. So, in choosing golf shoes according to their style, your choice will significantly depend on your personal preference.

If you are looking for more modern and trainer-like vibe golf shoes, the spikeless option is the perfect choice for you. But if you want a traditional look, the spiky ones are the best option.

Moreover, if you are purchasing a new set of golf shoes, it is essential to try them on and walk in them to see if they suit your style.


Generally, spikeless golf shoes are more affordable than spiked golf shoes due to the fabrics used in each type.

Spiked golf shoes have leather uppers and more structured soles, making them expensive. In contrast, spikeless golf shoes may cost you up to more than $200 for top-quality models.

Final Thoughts

Both spiked and spikeless golf shoes have different qualities, and each type of shoe has its advantages and drawbacks. 

Before purchasing a new pair of golf shoes, you must consider various factors, such as comfort, durability, performance, waterproofness, breathability, style, and cost. This can help you determine which type of golf shoe is perfect for your needs.