How To Design Stock Market Themed Shirts

Do you want to show your love of trading in the stock market to the world? If so, what better way to do it than to design stock market-themed shirts?

However, you might wonder how you can achieve this goal. Continue reading to know five tips to help you design shirts that show your passion for the stock market.

1. Explore The Concept

The start of your shirt designing process is to understand the concept of your finished product. In this case, it’s going to be a t-shirt about the stock market. Hence, ask yourself, what are the different elements that build the stock market?

For example, you might think of the bullish trends happening in some of your shares. If so, you might consider creating a t-shirt design that encapsulates that idea. Perhaps you might design a shirt that shows a bull with several texts showing different stock market elements.

Another example is to incorporate the location-based elements into the design. For instance, you might consider integrating the design found in an American pride shirt with some stock market elements. In turn, you can create a look that’s both unique and eye-catching for your audience.

Thinking about the concept allows you to understand what you want for your final product.

2. Gather Inspiration

In today’s age of technology, gathering inspiration for stock market shirt designs is now easier than ever. Today, you only need to look at your computer or handheld gadgets to find a website that offers unique t-shirt designs. Next, you can download these images to your computer or smartphone for future references.

However, keep in mind that you should never copy another person’s work. Otherwise, you might be facing legal chargers because of plagiarism. Instead, draw inspiration from those ideas so you can create your unique stock market-themed clothes.

For example, you found a logo from the Internet about the stock market’s rise and fall. So, you can incorporate those designs and formulate a unique graph-looking image for your t-shirt. It’s also critical to note to make your shirt design as unique as possible, making your style stand out. Otherwise, if you’re only aiming for a relatively straightforward look, you’re not setting your design apart from the rest of the stock market and t-shirt design industries.

3. Select The Colors

If you’re designing shirts that show your passion for the stock market, you need to know how to use color theory.

What is color theory? Color theory is a collection of guidelines in which designers use to let them communicate with their audiences. For example, if you use red in your stock market t-shirt design, it signifies low trades. Conversely, if you use green, your shirt will ‘tell’ about the high trades.

Red and green aren’t the only colors you can use in a stock market-themed shirt. You can also use other colors such as blue and white. For example, you want to portray a bearish output on your shirt. Hence, you might consider adding an image of a red bear on that particular clothing design. The only limitation that may prevent you from thinking of colors to choose your shirt design is your imagination. If you feel that you stumbled upon a creative block, you might want to check online resources for inspiration and motivation, as mentioned above.

4. Properly Use Typography

Many stock market-themed shirts don’t use typography to portray their messages. But if you want to use text designs on your shirt, you need to know how to use them correctly. Otherwise, you might be printing a cluttered shirt design.

If you use typography in stock market shirt design, make sure that the text is large enough for other people to read from afar. One rule of thumb to follow is to have at least four characters per line. It’s also advisable to try using fonts that aren’t too heavy to overpower other design elements. If the font is too heavy, your image will lose its form, thus appearing messy.

5. Pick The Printing Method

By now, you should have a concept for your stock market-themed shirt. But you still have to think about the printing method. If not, your t-shirt design concept might be nothing but an idea. You can choose from a range of techniques to print your shirt. First, you can try screen printing, which might be an ideal choice if you’re only going to print one shirt. However, if you’re going to print several batches, consider hiring the services of a t-shirt printing company instead.


Designing stock market-themed shirts doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Remember to explore the concept, find inspiration, select the right colors, and choose the appropriate shirt-printing method. Also, if you plan on using a particular text style, don’t forget to choose the correct typography.