Four Steps to Undertake in Connecting with Anyone

Most successful people will attribute their success to their ability in communicating and connecting with other people’s effectively. It always involves more than reading communication skills that can be handy in any situation, from assignment help to connecting with people. You have to take that deliberate step, engage strangers, and strike up a conversation that can lead to long-lasting friendships.  

A lot of individuals prove socially challenged, and will feel comfortable and prefer to talk with familiar people, rather than engage strangers while outdoors. It never gets easier without a deliberate effort to overturn this social inclination. Better connection with everyone can open doors you never imagined possible besides creating lifelong friendships. So how do you go about this?

Steps to Undertake in Creating the Ability to Connect with Everyone

Well, you do not have to prove a politician to hone your ability to connect with anyone. You can turn strangers into pals by following this four-step process.

  • Always begin by asking the stranger about their story. Everyone possesses a story, though only a small fraction of the population gets to face such a question. Strike a conversation with a stranger by asking them about their story. What has happened to culminate into that particular and present situation of you sitting or standing next to each other? The question can involve their life’s journey, where they began in life, challenges that almost halted their progress, their motivation to press on, and the current status of their life. Such an engagement will demonstrate your care before sharing anything and can keep the conversation going for a while based on the follow-up questions.  
  • Ask the stranger about their professional aspirations, in case they succeeded in anything. Such a question will reveal an individual’s secret desire because everyone has a dream besides having a unique story. It could prove a life that they currently enjoy rather than one they still pursue, but at times, just beginning the journey. Unfortunately, many people neither chase a dream nor prove to live one, and by asking such a question, you will provoke them into dreaming and working towards something afresh. 
  • Ask the stranger a provocative question about the things that prevent them from pursuing their specific dreams. You have to become careful when asking this question because it proves tricky and touchy as it treads onto their fears, insecurities, and doubts. The reasons to settle for the present can only prove excuses, and these can hamper them from realizing their potential. Try and keenly listen to his reasons as they pour out their hearts, especially on the things they perceive insurmountable. In cases where they live their dream, ask them about their success journey and how they realized their objectives.    
  • Ask the stranger about a potential role you can play if they wanted to pursue something they have spoken about. It can prove a vital question to many people because it demonstrates your willingness to give a helping hand. But regardless of your selfish motives, helping a stranger in a way you can, will enable them to achieve a previously insurmountable task. Most people have selfish agendas of only undertaking something because it can help them. However, by helping a stranger attain their dreams, you will not only further humanity but also establish a lasting bond with the individual.  

Interest in becoming better at connecting with other people can prove the catalyst when it comes to communication and making crucial lifelong connections. Your stature concerning an introverted person proves irrelevant at this point. It’s your interest in connecting that will open the door.


Sometimes, it proves helpful to invest in people or strangers, as you will never know how helpful they can prove when you require help in the future. Connecting with others remains key to any success, and by following the four steps, you will connect with anyone seamlessly. So start the process today and watch your pool of genuine friends and connections grow.