What Is the Purpose of a Man’s Necktie?

To find out the purpose of a man’s tie, one has to look back into its history. How did this purely decorative accessory, despite not adding warmth and comfort to an ensemble, reach the fashion heights it has today? Men don’t even think about practical function; they just know they have to wear their blue paisley ties.

So, we know on a superficial note that a man’s necktie carries an aesthetic function. However, there’s more to these accessories than a surface-level advantage, and that’s what we’ll discuss today. Let’s go over the history and evolution of men’s ties to understand their true purpose.

How the Necktie Came To Be

The tie worn as a fashion piece was first recorded around the 17th century, in the middle of France’s 30-year war. The reigning monarch during that time, King Louis XIII, hired mercenaries from Croatia whose uniforms included a piece of cloth tied around their necks.

Although these pioneering neckties served the practical function of tying the tops of jackets, they also held a decorative effect that earned the King’s amusement.

Not long after, the Royal soon made neckties mandatory for noble gatherings as a tribute to his fallen Croatian soldiers. He gave these ties the name “La Cravate”—a moniker that still holds for French people today.

Why Wear a Necktie?

The years since the necktie’s discovery transformed the fashion item into a mostly decorative piece than anything else. However, its ornamental edge has also given rise to advantages in the following areas:


Confidence can get you places. You know that popular fashion line “fake it ‘til you make it?” That’s a testament to how powerful confidence can be, even when fake or forced. Your confidence might not be believable at first, but if you keep at it, you’ll soon start to see results. Also, if confidence comes naturally to you, a fashion boost in the form of a necktie will only add to your swagger.

A necktie can give that capable, influential appearance that tends to result in respect from the individuals around you. This, in turn, can build even more confidence.


A suit-wearing chap has got to be living the dream, right? While that might not be true all the time, there’s definitely something about a suit-and-tie-wearing bloke that’s respect-earning but also a little intimidating. You often associate these pieces with a well-paying, respectable job.

True enough, most corporate positions do require the said dress code, though it’s not always indicative of a stellar career. That said, most jobs of the tie-wearing variety are, at the very least, decent ones you can be proud of.

Picking a tie that matches a suit can take time, and this is something your bosses know. It also tells them you’re making an effort to look your best at work, which can earn you major brownie points. As simple as this might seem, it could be key to getting that promotion down the road.


Looks tie into confidence, which most of us use to navigate life and its challenges. There might not even be as many challenges to navigate when you have the looks to prevent them from happening.

Fashion has little to do with how a person is inside and more to do with outside. As its name suggests, a tie is an accessory that ties your entire look together, boosting your overall appearance and giving you the confidence to take on everyday tasks.

A necktie can make you look sharp and ready for battle. For a maximum aesthetic boost, you should base your tie selection on informed fashion decisions. That way, you can choose a piece that matches your unique personality and fashion sense. This ensures you look the part, which can lead to a lot more yeses than nos.


There’s something to be said about hard work and how people respond to hardworking individuals. A tie might seem like a tiny matter that fails to give a big impression, but it actually impacts how your superiors view you. A carefully chosen tie is indicative of a hardworking individual who considers appearance vital to his company and brand.

Chances are, if someone puts that kind of effort on something most deem insignificant, you can imagine the kind of effort he would put on even bigger matters. Whether you’re a CEO or at the bottom of the management chain, you want people to view you as someone who gives importance to even the little things.

So, What Does Your Necktie Signify?

A man’s necktie can signify all these things and then some. Despite its decorative origins, it has become an essential fashion piece for conveying a person’s character and individuality. One can always tell something is missing from an ensemble when there’s no tie to weave all the pieces together seamlessly.