Fun Camping Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget

Camping should be about making memories and exploring new areas, not struggling to find a campsite or running out of recreational activities. Find out how to find a roof top tent cheap and prepare for camping in a whole new way with these fun camping essentials you don’t want to forget.

Specialized Tent

These aren’t the tents you grew up with. Today’s tents offer comfortable sleeping areas in surprising ways. Choose a truck bed tent, rooftop tent or other unique design to pitch a tent wherever you park for the night.

Choose a sleeping area that is comfortable, easy to set up and spacious enough for your situation. Determine whether you need a lightweight backpacking tent or a convenient alternative. Truck bed and rooftop tents may not be suited for your next backcountry trip, but they help you avoid setting up your tent on uneven ground or in a mud puddle.

Comfortable Air Mattress

An air mattress gives you the creature comforts you need for a great night’s sleep. Say goodbye to cold, rocky ground and sleep on a mattress that competes with your home mattress. Camping air mattresses have reinforced walls to prevent leaking or tearing. Choose a mattress that fits the dimensions of your truck bed for easy setup, or pick up a space-saving alternative for a traditional tent.

Spacious Awning

Stay out of the blazing sun and cool rain with a spacious awning. If you’ve ever been jealous of those extra-large awnings on RVs, now you have the opportunity to install an awning on your truck or SUV. A canopy tent or portable awning is easy to unfold at your campsite and provides much-needed shade for you to sit and relax.

Secure Bike Storage

Hit the trails at your campsite with your bicycle on a hitch mounted bike rack. These dynamic racks allow you to bring along multiple bicycles for your whole family to get some exercise and explore your new surroundings. A secure bike mount allows you to maximize your storage space without leaving your favorite two-wheeled rides behind.

Portable Entertainment

Portable Bluetooth speakers bring your campsite alive. Bring along your speaker to create outdoor entertainment for your entire campsite. Whether you’re enjoying outdoor dancing or simply providing ambient music for your campfire, these speakers provide clear sounds without taking up all your storage space.

Efficient Cooler

Grab a cool drink and enjoy safe food storage with a space-saving cooler. While a cooler is a camping gear staple, there are some surprising new cooler designs. Choose one that fits around your truck’s wheel well to use this irregular space more efficiently.

Prepare for Your Next Unforgettable Camping Adventure

Stay comfortable and make memories at your next campsite. Whether you’re heading across the country or just down the street, shop online for a truck bed tent camper, space-saving cooler and other camping essentials. Explore truck bed accessories based on the make and model of your truck to ensure a great fit. Don’t forget to shop the sales and take advantage of any discounts available when you shop online.