20 Ideas About Rugged Men’s Fashion

The Rugged Male has always been the stereotype of a real man without fears that takes care of his family. He bends nature and keeps a strong and masculine physique. Throughout history, they are the ones who built houses, hunted for food and confronted dangerous situations all to keep their family safe, healthy and happy.

Still today you can recognize a rugged male by their spiritual and physical force to succeed in any challenge they are presented, such as climbing the Himalayas, traversing the Atlantic Ocean, or simply providing food and shelter for their family. The Rugged Male can be intimidating when necessary , but he also earns the respect of others.

What are the style aspects of The Rugged Male? First, his rugged clothes need to be functional and allow him any kind of movement without restriction, (sure would be nice if women’s shoes also had this requirement!). Second, The Rugged Male’s clothes must enhance his masculine physique. He must choose clothes that are not too large and show off his physical assets. His clothes are made with thick fabrics as leather, denim, tweed or flannels. It doesn’t matter if they are full of wrinkles.

The Rugged Male doesn’t embellish his look and doesn’t wear excessive men’s accessories. The clothes must be worn as they were naturally intended. So look for traditional clothes worn by handcraft workers as loggers, miners or bricklayers: boots, leather belts, suspenders, big caps, heavy wool jackets, natural colors, and jeans. You may even inspire yourself from hunters’ outfits that are also comfortable, thick and practical.

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