8 Hairstyles For Men With Receding Hairline

No one likes getting old. The aging process is perhaps one of the most depressing topics in our lives, and as men, the worst thing about aging is at some stage you are going to start losing your hair. Sometimes hair loss is not even linked to the aging process, and if you have somehow been bestowed with the receding hairline gene, then it can start as early as 19 years old.

Cardigans 18 Different Styles In 2016

When British Army Major General James Brudenell led his men into battle during the Crimean war, I doubt he envisaged svelte like models, big bearded gents and high street stores the length and breadth of the country showing off his famous wears. And yet the 7th Earl of Cardigan could now find the garment bearing his name worn by every man from the age of five to 95.