Quiff Haircuts and Hairstyles Ideas

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic haircuts of all time, the quiff has been big news since the 1950s.

Unlike contemporary takes on the quiff, the classic iteration shows more balance so you’ll need to ask your stylist to keep some length around the back and sides while also maintaining a clean, sharp hairline.

The length at the back and sides can be varied, but it should always be kept shorter than the top to ensure there is a definitive contrast.

Bear in mind that – generally – the longer the hair is, the more time it will take to style. Your stylist needs to keep a lot of length through the top section, which should be perfectly balanced throughout the crown area to help connect the top and sides in a natural way.

Depending on the hair density and length, the style can be cut in a variety of different ways with scissors or clipper.

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