8 Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is a lot that is involved. Even on a personal level, you need to decide how you want to look. You decide on the type of suit to wear, the color, the shoe, the accessories, and more. You might also want to choose sunglasses, and you can always get the best from Goodr. Still, you need to find the right hairstyle. As a groom, sticking to a simple style is always recommended. However, even as you choose the simple style, make sure you choose one that fits your personality best. Here are 8 amazing hairstyles that will capture the attention of everyone at the wedding. 

A Ponytail

You can choose a low or middle ponytail if your hair is long. Long hair is easy to style. If you choose a ponytail, make sure to leave a little hair on the front to shape your face. It is a low-key and modern style for both formal and informal occasions. 

 Waved Front

If you have mixed-length hair, you can style it with a wavy front and straight back. You will need a molding paste to keep the hair intact and shape the wave.


The Slick-Back

This is a simple but amazing style for special occasions. You only need to brush the hair to the back, and you are good to go. However, the look of the hair will depend on the product you choose. Choose pomade for a slick look and more volume. 

A Clean Shave

If you are always clean-shaven, you don’t have to change it on your wedding day. Just make sure you go to the barber for a clean shave. The good thing about a clean shave style is that it never goes out of time. It is simple, and you can style it with any outfit. 

Natural Texture

With natural hair, you cannot go wrong with natural textures. Keep the hair neat and let it grow to your desired length. The natural curls will keep you looking amazing throughout this big day. 

Short Sides, Long Top

Your barber can also style you by cutting the sides short and leaving the top hair longer. The long hair at the top gives you the freedom to style it how you want. You can either leave it that way, spiked or wavy. 


Whether you are having an informal or formal wedding, dreads are a perfect choice for elegance. However, you will need to grow them way before your wedding. The good thing about dreads is that they are easy to style and care for. The only thing you need is a refresh on your wedding day. 

Famous Waves

You may choose a natural style for your long hair for the best look. A famous wave gives you a classic and cool wedding look that you need on this big day. Get the hair trimmed about two weeks before the wedding to give it enough time to grow to the desired length. 

There is no easier way to say this, but men are spoiled with options when it comes to choosing hairstyles. As a groom, how you look on your wedding day matters a lot. Choose one of the styles mentioned above for a fantastic and eye-catching look.