Integrated Addiction, Treatment; Everything You Need to Know

Integrated treatment is the simultaneous treatment of co-occurring disorders. It is the focus of multiple treatments for two or more conditions concurrently with a view that numerous approaches will be more comprehensive in treating a condition that is an interaction of two or more disorders caused by each other. 

Disorders with this kind of relationship that requires integrated treatments are substance abuse disorders and psychiatric disorders. Need help recovering from RX abuse, get over to rx rehab jacksonville.


Substance use disorder is also known as Drug addiction is the persistent use of stimulants, despite the knowledge of the harm they could cause the user. This is usually because the mind has grown accustomed to the use of stimulants to produce temporary highs which could escalate and put one at risk of pain, disabilities, and death.


A psychiatric disorder is a plethora of mental illnesses, diagnosed by a mental health professional that disturbs brain patterns, emotions, seriously disturbs your thinking, and puts you at risk of disabilities, pain, and even death.


Substance abuse disorders and psychiatric disorders are co-occurring disorders often with similar symptoms that it becomes difficult to differentiate because one could mask up as the other. 

A vital disparity to note is that co-occurring disorders only occur if disorders stand out independently. This is important to note as a cluster of synonymous symptoms shouldn’t be called an independent disorder.  


Integrated treatment is needed because it takes a holistic approach to the treatments of people with co-occurring disorders. Integrated treatment understands that mental health disorders can lead to an abuse of substances as a coping mechanism could be the cause of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and other related illnesses alike.

Integrated treatment employs the services of various professionals well skilled in their spheres and has proven to be more efficient than traditional rehabilitation centers.

Integrated treatment is the current frontier in treating disorders and mental health recovery is a priority.

The employment of varying methods of treatments.


Various health professionals have confirmed integrated treatment as the best possible option for dealing with co-occurring disorders. It is now the accepted standard of rehabilitation in most countries.

A couple of benefits of integrated treatments include:

  • Proper Education: Unlike other treatment approaches, this method involves the sensitization of the patients about the relationship between substance abuse and psychiatric disorders, and informs them about the roles these substances play in their lives.
  • Customized therapy: Understanding the fact that no two addictions are the same and therefore should be treated differently,  Integrated treatment offers a more unique and personalized system of therapy that aims at individuals and people with like addictions rather than general therapy.
  • Goals: Integrated treatment goes beyond the walls of the rehabilitation center as it assists the patient in setting goals, both short term, and long term goals, and sets systems in place to achieve them.
  • Holistic approach: Integrated treatments are holistic as it realizes the importance of individual souls and targets possible problems after recoveries such as employment issues or settling back into society or even repairing interpersonal relationships that might have been broken as a result of substance addictions or psychiatric disorders.
  • Flexible treatments: Treatment is usually clinically assessed and periodically modified to suit a need or goal changes. 


Co-occurring addictions are life-threatening and highly complex conditions that first require the diagnosis and then the help of a medical professional. Handling co-occurring disorders alone is a wild goose chase. Get the required help needed which is undoubtedly Integrated Treatment.