60+ Halloween Makeup Ideas Trending This Year

It’s Halloween coming soon — can you feel it? That chill in the air, the delightful crispness that means basically the world’s best holiday is on its way. That’s right: Halloween is just around the corner. We don’t want to put any undue pressure on you but it’s time to get your creative juices flowing if you want to win the best costume prize at this year’s party. Not feeling inspired? No need to fret, we’ve got the scary part covered with 64 killer Halloween makeup ideas that require just your cosmetic stash and a little patience. No matter your skill level, we’re sure there’s a Halloween makeup idea that’s perfect for you. Peep them all below.

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Halloween Makeup Ideas

Scary Makeup For Halloween


Pretty – Halloween makeup which will make you look interesting


Black – Makeup to look like Angel of Doom


Easy – This makeup will take very little efforts and easy to maintain as well.


Zombie – Halloween makeup for those who love zombie land


Disney – Halloween makeup for Disney fans


Cute – This makeup will make you look cute


Vampire – Just wear a vampire teeth and you are set to look like blood hungry.


For Mens – This makeup is best and most trending Halloween makeup for mens


Mermaid – Get a seductive siren look this Halloween with this mermaid makeup.

Deer – Look extremely cute with this deer Halloween makeup


Unique – We all love to be unique and this makeup will be the most unique for Halloween.


Creative – This makeup is best for those whose takes creativity seriously.

Animal – You are all set to become Halloween animal with this makeup.


Kids – Kids love Halloween and this makeup will make their Halloween the most memorable.


Eyes makeup – Sometimes all you need is a subtle finishing touch and this makeup is can be that touch for this Halloween


Cool – You are young and cool and don’t love to look extremely creepy. So this makeup can add some fun to your cool personality.

Pop Art – This Halloween, try this comic book girl makeup! You will proud of yourself to get it right on the pop art trend.


Indian Princess – I am not saying that this is exactly a look of warrior Indian princess look but still worth a attention in modern Halloween parties.

Fun – You hate to look scary and still don’t want to miss the fun of party?. This makeup is pure fun for Halloween nights.


Crazy – You believe you are crazier than others than you must look more crazier than others. This look satisfy your craziest instinct.


Girly – Obviously many of the above makeup ideas are tried by girls. But if you are the one who don’t want to hide your feminism behind scary looks this is for you.


For Boys – Young higher school or college boys never want to miss any party and when it comes to Halloween party they are super excited. This look is best to show off the excitement and your spirit for Halloween.


Cheetah – As said above now a days animal makeup is rising trends for Halloween makeup. This makeup is best for those who love wild cats.


Angel – Do you want to look like an angel really fast? With only a little makeup, even less time, and a steady hand, you can look innocent, sweet, and purely natural in minutes!


Beautiful – Same like girly this makeup is also focused to appreciate your feminism but in more Gothic way. Must try for the lover of vampire diaries.


Sugar Skull – For Halloween enthusiasts who want to go all-out ghoul with a touch of girliness, a calavera (also called a “sugar skull” because they are often made out of sugar during the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration) is the perfect mixture of spooky and sweet.


Doll – Doll yourself up like a cracked porcelain figurine and embrace a daring, borderline scary look with your makeup. The haunting costume is feminine yet ghoulish, and will definitely be a hit this Halloween.


Fairy – Being a fairy serves as a great Halloween costume because fairies are beautiful, fierce, possess magical powers, and aren’t as painfully predictable as Cinderella or Elsa. Also, have you ever met someone who didn’t like fairies? The answer is no.


Gothic – Above vampire and beautiful makeup were very slightly inspired by Gothic. But if you are a serious Gothic lovers, this is the best makeup for you.


Clown – No matter if you’re going as a clown or as a mime, this kinda creepy, kinda cute look will achieve all of your Halloween dreams.


Half Face Makeup – There’s a solution for those girls who aren’t afraid of a little face paint but don’t want to get painted all over the face and who love getting creative too, Exposed skull Halloween makeup is all you need to make a statement.


Comic – Does comic book character fantasize you? If yes than Halloween is the best time look like a comic character.


For Couples – People get really creative on Halloween, and you can multiply that by two when it comes to couple’s costumes and makeup. Here is a amazing ideas you and your boo can try this Halloween.


Dark – Some are funny, some are cute and some are dark. If you believes that you have a dark character inside you so Halloween is the best time to get dressed as a most mysterious person with this simple makeup and props.


Devil – Everyone hates devil as it is a nightmare for everyone. But as Halloween is day which represent the dead. Devil costume and makeup is a must try thing.


Joker – Everyone is fan of Heath Ledger greatest character Joker. And if you hadn’t tried his famous look, this is best time to start planning for your joker jokes, costume to tribute this famous character.


Catrina – This might be the most favorite makeup look for whole Latin world and it has all the reasons and history for becoming one of the most popular makeup style ever for Halloween. Catrina makeup is a right choice if you love to celebrate traditionally. 


Scarecrow – Scarecrows are a classic fall and Halloween-season look. There are a wide variety of ways to depict the straw-filled character, and a scarecrow costume is great for local festivals, parties, and, of course, trick-or-treating.


Pirate – Pirates are popular costume and makeup ideas for Halloween for people of all ages. Knowing the basics of the pirate look, including how to make the most of your costume makeup, will make putting your costume together a snap.


Peacock – Peacock feather eye make up is always popular. The colors of the peacock feather are magical and so inspirational. To achieve some of those looks you will need colors like: teal/blue, emerald green, and purple. The peacock inspired makeup is completed with black eyeliner and mascara, the latter is applied both on the top and bottom lashes. At the pictures below you can see different application of the eye color for more subtle or dramatic effect. Any effect you choose will make your eye vibrant.


Zipper – When everyone tries to out-dress one another with the newest and coolest costumes, but there’s always one makeup job that makes us say “wow”: The Zipper Face.


Bunny – Bunny makeup is always been on the every bodies fave list. And if you are planning for bunny makeup? just go for it.


Wolf – Wolf is an important character that most of the teens love to replicate on their face with some eye makeup and shading on the cheeks. You can choose to look scary, sexy or cute with this wolf makeup.


Mouth – This Quick Stitched Mouth Halloween Makeup Is Not Worth Missing.


For Work – It’s always fun to rock Halloween costumes and makeup at work — you get to spice up your regular day with some fun festivities and bond with co-workers over your cute makeup inspiration. But — and this is a big “but” — don’t make the mistake of taking your makeup too far. Since you’re still in an office environment, you definitely will want to tone down your makeup so that it’s appropriate for work.

Lips – If you want to go for something really unexpected, try a wild design on your lips. And I don’t mean black lipstick. Think patterns, pumpkins and plenty of rhinestones.  You won’t be able to eat, drink, but lip art designs are worth it.


Harley Quinn – The best thing about Harley’s makeup is that it’s perfectly imperfect, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on making it flawless. Start by brushing white powder onto the face for a “ghostly” effect before moving onto the eyes.


Last Minute Makeup – If you don’t want to shell out for an elaborate costume this Halloween, you can still have a winning look with this easy makeup.


Creepy – This makeup is one the most viral Halloween makeup from last few years and still is one the most likable choice for Halloween parties.


Witch – This year, why not put a creative twist on a classic with some simple and stylish last minute witch makeup that you can easily do at home? Throw on a pointy hat, grab any ol’ broom, and you’ve got a spooktacular look that is sure to win you that costume contest.


Simple – The only reason for this makeup to be in the list is just it is very simple and very classy.


Fox – Foxes have such a mischievous reputation, so I think this makeup is perfect for Halloween. The one thing you need for a fox costume is a tail — your look won’t be complete without it. Grab a bushy tail, some ears and a little makeup and you’ll look foxy (ha) in no time.


Bloody Eyes – I really have no words for these makeup just want to say if you will try this you will make everybody speechless.


Tiger – As being a biggest and most beautiful wild cat. Tiger makeup is worth to be a part of Halloween Makeup list.


Lion – Again big cats makeup. But Lion makeup is must try for the one with blonde hairs.


Skeleton – One of our favorite Halloween looks pulls from an iconic “scary” image: the skull. Using extreme contouring and shadowing, makeup can be used to create an incredibly lifelike skeleton costume.


Ghost – The ghost is a very versatile makeup. Although some ghosts, like those made of sheets, seem fun and harmless, others are portrayed as unable to rest. These unfriendly ghosts partake in haunting activities to communicate or exact revenge. Whatever the reason, ghosts are unpredictable, and you never know what the outcome will be when the living encounter the departed, which adds some interesting possibilities to the costume and makeup.


Maleficent – Because evil never looked so good.


Princess – What would be more gorgeous than princess makeup this year. This princess makeup is just a idea to inspire a hidden beautiful princess inside you.


Leopard – I don’t know why, but I’m just obsessed with cats. I feel like they are so simple and easy to do for Halloween. They’re also not scary, so if you’re trick or treating with a bunch of three year olds, you can bet you’re not going to terrify them! And for you single ladies out there, is there anything sexier than a cat or leopard? No.


Spider Queen – This makeup undoubtedly the most spooky one in this whole list and if you are looking for the most spooky look for this Halloween than you must try Spider Queen Makeup.


Mask – The only reason this look get position in this list is just that many peoples have very sensitive skin and so they cannot afford a risk of Skin allergies cause by many makeup products. So if anyone is not celebrating Halloween parties just because of sensitive skin should try this look. To get this look all you need a simple lace mask and tie it on your eyes. This will give you cute and pretty look and definitely give you the admiration you always desired in spooky parties.