This season men are looking to the 1950s and 60s for inspiration with hybrid looks making waves as styles embracing natural texture. The pompadour was a popular men’s hairstyle this year. But the more classic style that was slicked back with extra hold pomades and lots of shine will be seen less except for guys that like their hair cut on the shorter side.

Fades and undercuts are popular men’s hairstyle trends for 2016 and they are continuing to gain popularity with new diversities while the controversial man bun refuses to go away. This will be combined with short sides including high fades, low fades, bald fades, with or without hard part disconnection, or simply cut short with sheers for a more natural look. So, here are 30 Mens Hairstyles 2016. Check them out and get inspired!

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Classy Men's Hair Styles 2016

Classy Men's Hairstyles 2016

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