1950’s Men’s Greaser Hairstyles

The 1950s became a decade of change. The 1950’s era is considered the best time for the hairdressing industry. The 1950’s era created a lot of hairstyles for both males and females. Rock ‘n roll was beginning to be played on radios and jukeboxes, young men began to be more rebellious, and the Cold War was just getting started. One of the features that calls that decade to mind is the array of 1950’s mens hairstyles. Those hairstyles are still worn till that day.

The hairstyles back then were influenced by many factors like the rock ‘n’ roll, the cold war, beatniks and the stars of that time like Elvis Presley, James Dean and Troy Donahue. Men’s hairstyles were divided into two far groups: the traditional , short hairstyles and the wild, strange hairstyles. The next hairstyles to talk about is the Ducktail hairstyles.

The Ducktail hairstyles appeared one the 1950s men hairstyles stage by Elvis. The ducktail hairstyle is a slick back on the sides, swooped over the top and comes to form a duck tail at the back of the head with its jagged and flipped edges. Those two ways gave us a lot of gorgeous and amazing men hairstyles which are still worn till today. In this article, we have picked up 30 Mens 50s Hairstyles. Let’s take a peek for inspirations.

50’s Men’s Hairstyles

50s Hair Men Hairstyles


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