Why Is Group Counseling Important?

The mechanism behind group counseling is quite similar to that of support groups where small groups consisting of 5-15 members regularly meet up and share their experiences, thoughts, struggles, etc. Well, in most cases, the most familiar support groups would be by people who are affected by any disease, or by people who are trying to overcome their drug addiction and so on. In group counseling also, just as many members come as participants, the counselors also will be more than one person, and they may be leaders in mental health industries and other experts who can provide solid support to all members of the group. Click here to know more about the benefits of group counseling.

Types of group counseling

There are many different types of groups that you can find. Some may be for overcoming addictions, some may be for welcoming international students to a new university campus and helping them relax and settle in this new environment, and similarly, many types of groups exist for different needs. What basically happens in any group counseling session is that members interact with each other and become a pillar of support for each other. When encouraged collectively and a member of the group finds that someone also has it hard and it’s not just them, it encourages some people to speak up about their issues and find help and strength in doing so. This is also a great way of counseling for those people who have complicated interpersonal relationships. The group members, as well as the group leader, can guide you to make better choices and decisions.

The best thing about group counseling would be that even though the members may all have come for a single goal, they all come from different backgrounds, which provides great versatility. The main benefit of this is that you can get multiple perspectives that will alter your views and help you understand things better.

Benefits of group counseling

With there being more than 2-3 members, the feeling of one person being all alone can disappear. You can come to realize that other people may be going through the same struggle as you and this realization will give the confidence to believe that you can get through it and overcome your struggle.

Along with being able to build healthy relationships with each other, you can also improve your social skills. And in addition to this, you receive support from your counselor on a collective basis rather than individually. Along the same lines, people can be able to find their support and inspiration not just from the counselor but from other members in the group as well. This is how you are exposed to various perspectives that may change your life.

Group therapy also makes you feel very safe since you are bound to be around people who may be sharing the same experiences. So the more you get familiar with them, the less your insecurities become, and the safer you start to feel.

All in all, group therapy is great when you feel alone, and it can also help you find your true self.