Where to Find E-Bikes

Electronic bikes are growing in popularity and versatility. From standard city bicycles to electric dirt bikes, manufacturers are jumping aboard the e-bike train, good news for interested consumers. Several years ago, it was challenging to find an affordable e-bike, often having to find specialty dealers and manufacturers. Today, many local bike shops and online stores sell electric bicycles, meaning that in nearly every state, an interested cyclist can find the opportunity to buy.

3 Best E-Bikes on the Market

There are many things to consider when thinking about the best e-bikes currently available. First, you need to think about riding style. Are you an adventurous explorer or more of a commuter? Second, what is your budget for the new bike? Finally, are you looking for an e-bike as a luxury option or a practical tool for sport? Sorting through these questions will help identify the three best e-bikes currently available.

  1. Intense Tazer MX Pro or Intense Tazer MX Expert: The Intense Tazer MX Pro and Expert models are among the best of the best when talking about sport and adventure e-bikes. The manufacturer went through painstaking efforts to ensure that the bicycle could meet the expectations of motocross athletes. In fact, many of the parts athletes are used to seeing on motocross bikes can be found on these e-bike models. If you love to trail ride, there is no other electric option for you.
  2. Ancheer 20mph E-bike: If you are looking for the best all around e-bike, one that is great for commuting and cruise around your favorite trail, the Ancheer is the one for you. With a remarkable 40 miles per charge the e-bike can get you where you need to be in style. While it might not be as durable as the number one pick, it is definitely worth considering. One significant aspect of the bike is its aluminum alloy frame, which makes it among the lighter e-bikes on the market.
  3. W Wallke X3 Pro26: Touted as “the Tesla of e-bikes” by some, the W Wallke X3 Pro26 is a luxury bike. With an upgraded LCD display, quality materials, and a 750W motor, it is easy to see why many people say, “wow,” when they first experience the high-class ride of this beauty. If you are interested in a pretty long ride, 55 miles, with little leg work, this bike has got your name on it. Unfortunately, the price tag also screams luxury.

Pros of Purchasing an E-Bike

While there are many potential benefits of purchasing an e-bike, two stand out more than the rest: travel time and environmental and economic efficiency. With an electric motor, whether pure pedal assist or all electric drive, people on e-bikes can commute quicker than most traditional cyclists.

If you trade in your commuter vehicle for an e-bike, you can save money on gas and insurance. Also, you will limit your carbon footprint, doing your part for the environment.

Are you interested in purchasing an e-bike and taking your cycling game to the next level? If so, go to a local bike shop and browse your options.