Tips for Buying Clothes for Someone Else

Fashionistas enjoy every moment they spend scavenging for clothes at the malls that fit them for every occasion in their lives. But it can be a lot of stress for them when buying gifts for someone else. Worst of it all when buying clothes for someone who is extra picky when it comes to their style. It pays off to know the likes and the dislikes of the person you are gifting clothes to. Failure to understand their preferences, it will be hard to impress them with clothes they love.

So what next  in this case? Here is a guide for you to follow to buy clothes for someone picky successfully. First of all, know the best online shopping sites to buy clothes. If you have no ideas where to find the best eCommerce sites, do yourself a favour, visit reviews sites like Reviews Bird UK and the likes to find 5-star rated sites. Chances are, sites with positive reviews are trustworthy and sell standard products to its customers. 

That aside, follow the following tips when buying clothes for someone else:

Know their style

Know the kind of person you are gifting. Do a little background research about their style. Check their Instagram and other social sites to see their taste. Draw inspiration from pictures they are posting so that you can gift them with what fits and what they love.

Know their size

Don’t just blindly buy a gift, and assume it will fit whoever is intended for. Make sure you nail the right size or so close to the correct size. The best bet is to give them their gift with the receipt just if it doesn’t fit, she or he can go for exchange. Solicit all the necessary measurements from them without leaving a suspicion in them. Say something like, “I have a friend whose body and shape is close to yours and I think it is clever that I take your measurement on behalf of them”, or use any other way you can to get their measurements.

Go with the trends

Fashion comes and goes, what was fashionable last summer is totally outdated during the coming winter. When selecting clothes to gift your friend or someone else, choose the latest trends—one of a kind apparel. Let them be the first to wear a new trending fashion. They will love it even if your friend is too picky; no one regrets ever being on top of things.

Ask their close friend

No one knows someone better than their close friend. Ask the circle of friends for tips and guidance on what clothes this person might love. But let them assure you they will keep it a secret so that they don’t ruin your surprise.

Go window shopping with your Santa

After exhausting all other avenues, invite your friend for a window-shopping spree, but be as discreet as possible. Ask them about their preference with absolute discretion, and they will be twice as surprised when you gift them.