Stories Behind Tattoos

Tattoos are worn on various parts of the body to signify different things. They are worn to symbolize something special to an individual. For that reason, a tattoo is worn with different objectives and has a lot to tell about the person wearing it. Just like thesis writing, tattoos have stories around them. To you, a certain tattoo may not make sense, but it means a lot to the person wearing it.

There is a huge number of reasons why people wear tattoos ranging from a love for their pets, their relationships with other people, and so on. Here are some of the amazing stories about tattoos worn by different people:

Love Demonstrated on Tattoos

A perfect example shown by one Michael Chernow, who is a Chef, is the decision to make a tattoo of the first dog he ever kept. He wears a tattoo of this dog to carry on his love and affection for him. To spice it up, he also includes orchids since that is what his mother loves. He believes it is the best way to give his mother flowers every time they meet.

Tattoos as an Expression of Love for Culture

This man was prompted by his love for eastern culture to put on his tattoo. Borrowing from the Japanese and Bushido ideology, he came up with a tattoo featuring the dragon symbolizing strength, wisdom, and generosity. He also included the koi fish as a sign of desire, courage, and determination, and lastly, the cherry blossom petals and tree representing love, beauty, and life in general.

Tattoo brought about by Life Experiences

After battling a case in court involving his family struggles revolving around the custody of his two boys, the man shown below got a tattoo for them as a sign of his love for them. This shows a deep connection between the father and the children, and the far he is willing to be with them.

Pet Love on Tattoos

Pet owners have a strong liking for their pets. For that same reason, this man went ahead to wear a tattoo of his cat to show how much he liked and cared for it. It is amazing how the cat seems to admire the tattoo on his arm. Ideally, this is meant to bring them closer and closer.

Tattoos Influenced by Daily Work

Work presents many adorable moments and scenarios that deserve to be kept. In an effort to do so, this man chose to keep a memory of his work as an employee of an ambulance service. It gives him great memories, especially of something, is proud to have achieved during his line of duty.

Final thoughts

There is a lot of meaning hidden in tattoos. This is best known by those who wear them. The next time you consider wearing one, these are some of the ideas that should inform your design. It could be anything as long as it is something you can relate with!