Solving Complex Problems by Reducing Scope

There’s an idea in video game development called “scope-creep“. When you work on a project, especially a long-term project, if you’re inexperienced, you tend to go into the project with far greater expectations than are realistic. It’s a joke online that many people’s first attempts at video game development are “MMO RPGs” with “infinite worlds” […]

10 mins read

What Is the Proper Humidity for a Humidor?

Using a humidor for storing your premium cigars requires learning about the proper humidity adjustments. Adjusting the humidity level of your device anywhere between 62 percent and 74 percent and using a hygrometer for the humidor to keep the temperature and humidity balanced should keep your cigars fresher longer.  Today, we’ll go over some tips […]

5 mins read

How Personal Finance Influencer can Help You Plan Your Future

Everyone wants to plan their future, and hence they always do their research through various mediums. Unfortunately, not many resources were available before that could educate people to take the right step to manage their finances and live happy life.  But not anymore! Today, numerous personal finance influencers share their personal experience and educate readers to make […]

3 mins read