Helpful Preparation Tips For Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Exam Including Using Dumps


For IT professionals, getting certified has become an attractive endeavor. However, passing the associated tests can be an uphill task. Adequate preparation will result in earning the coveted designations with ease. Thus, here, you will find some techniques you should use when getting ready for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. However, we start off with its details.

Details of Concerned Test

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional evaluation is also recognized by the SAP-C01 code. It contains 75 questions that comprise MCQs together with those demanding multiple responses. In general, candidates will have 3 hours to complete them. To add more, the questions are administered in English, Korean, Japanese, plus Simplified Chinese, and registration is priced at $300. Finally, a score of 750 based on a range of AWS Certified Architect Associate is required to pass the evaluation in question.

Tips for Preparation for SAP-C01

Evaluations are never a pleasant task to undertake. However, the benefits of passing them are the greatest motivating factors. Since the AWS Certified Architect Professional exam is at the professional tier, acing it is not that easy. But that should not discourage you because here are some helpful tips you can use when preparing:

  • Seek help from counterparts

Learning new skills is a shared responsibility. Therefore, asking for assistance when preparing for IT tests from other professionals is encouraged. They can be accessed through social sites and forums such as the AWS Developer Forums, where you can post questions on subjects related to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional evaluation and get answers from experts.

  • Find time to study daily

This may seem like an obvious trick but day-to-day activities may leave no time for reading. However, it is advisable to learn the competencies tested in the Amazon AWS Certified test on a daily basis. The constant studying will enable you to retain knowledge easily. Therefore, create a study schedule that will incorporate all the domains and allocate time to each of them.

  • Take training courses

One of the best ways of absorbing knowledge for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam is learning from an instructor. As a general rule, it can be achieved through online or in-person modes of training courses, which are available from third-party providers as well as the AWS website. However, the latter is highly recommended because these classes have been created by the vendor itself.

  • Use dumps to practice

Professionals who have passed the AWS SAP-C01 test provide the questions and answers they took. Undoubtedly, these resources are essential because they identify your strengths as well as weaknesses before the main test. And once you identify them, you will have a chance to work on what you did not grasp well. Furthermore, you can use them to gauge how you will fare in the actual evaluation. This will help you build your confidence in your capabilities. Knowing all these, such resources are readily available from AWS in the form of the official practice exam as well as some reliable and renowned third-party sites.


Indeed, the dividends accrued from passing the Amazon AWS – Professional exam are many. However, failure is expected if you don’t prepare well. Thus, it is best to use the techniques mentioned above including the utilization of accurate dumps, and enjoy the perks of acing such a sophisticated test! Good luck!