4 Tips to Throw an Eco-friendly Wedding

Did you know that the average wedding produces 400 pounds of trash? The wedding industry gets a bad rep for being wasteful, and for good reason–yet the eco-friendly wedding trend is here to change that.

When planning a sustainable celebration, a couple can be mindful of their environmental impact from planning to send-off.

Grooms can do their part in planning an eco-friendly celebration, especially when it comes to wedding fashion. Check out these ways a groom can make ethical fashion choices in regards to his wedding day:

  1. Buy an ethical ring: Your eco-friendly wedding can start with the engagement! Be mindful of where you purchase your diamond from, and ask if it was ethically sourced before you purchase.
  2. Rent your tux: Cut down on unnecessary spending and waste by renting instead of buying your tux, and encourage your groomsmen party to do the same. This option still allows you to match your grooms party and look great in photographs.
  3. Support an ethical designer: If you do decide to purchase your tux brand new, make sure you purchase it from a designer who uses recycled fabric and supports other positive business practices in order to make their designs.
  4. Use cruelty-free cosmetics: When is the last time you checked if your cologne or hair gel company tests their products on animals? Now is a good time to check in on the products you plan to use on your wedding day and make sure they are doing their part in making our planet safer for everyone.


For more ideas on how to throw an eco-friendly wedding, check out this visual from Zola below!

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas