4 Reasons Why Every Man Should Visit Christchurch, New Zealand

When you’re visiting New Zealand, it’s tough to decide where to head first. For any man visiting NZ, Christchurch would be the ideal place to start. It’s a gorgeous haven that features cozy weather, historic landmarks, and fun activities for all ages.

The best thing about Christchurch is that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff or an adrenaline junkie, you’ll find something for you. Here are a few reasons you should consider Christchurch for your visit.

The sobering reminder of Quake city

There’s something about the sheer power of nature that draws us in. As advanced and intelligent as the human race is, we’re minuscule compared to the natural forces that surround us. There’s no time that this is more apparent than during an earthquake. The ground beneath trembles and reminds us that we’re just mere animals. This is the kind of reminder that humbles every man and keeps him grounded.

Quake City is a must-visit location for learning about the terrible power of earthquakes. This museum tells the shocking tale of the Canterbury earthquakes and how they’ve affected Christchurch. The museum features video footage, photographs, and various artefacts that detail the destruction that these earthquakes caused. It’s a sobering reminder of nature’s power that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The explorer’s dream of Abel Tasman National Park

New Zealand is no stranger to interesting natural sites and locations. It’s an explorer’s dream just waiting to be utilized properly. There’s no shortage of locations that would take your breath away. You don’t even have to stray too far from Christchurch to find one such place. Abel Tasman National Park is a good example.

The Abel Tasman National Park is more akin to a tropical paradise than it is part of New Zealand. If you’re a big fan of gorgeous natural views, this would be the right place for you. Whether you want to see clean beaches with azure water or greenery filled with lush trees and giant ferns, Abel Tasman has it all.

The park has many trails that are well worth exploring on foot. To get the most out of the experience, it’s recommended that explorers stay two to three days to really soak up the atmosphere and explore all the hiking trails. If you want a more dynamic way to explore this oasis, kayaking is also an option. Go through the rapids while getting a good view of the nature around you and you won’t regret it.

Relaxation and fresh air in Hagley Park

After an informative history lesson and touch of nature, you’re going to want to take a breather and look at the more relaxing side of Christchurch. What better place to visit than the great Hagley Park? It’s an iconic part of Christchurch that everyone should visit at least once. This sprawling open space boasts a surface even larger than London’s Hyde Park, coming in at 350 acres. It’s the ideal green surface for a relaxing walk or run.

Photo by Srecko Skrobic on Unsplash

While most people would enjoy a relaxing smoke to go with their enjoyment of the outdoors, this park is a little too clean to be littered with smoke and cigarette butts. In fact, it’s actively discouraged to smoke in most public spaces in Christchurch. If you still crave that bit of nicotine, keep in mind there are no rules against vape pens. You can pop down to any local vape store in Christchurch and find yourself a vape to enjoy during your stroll. It’s the environmentally-friendlier option anyway, so it shouldn’t be a difficult decision. Keeping the air fresh is a priority, after all.

Grabbing a delicious cup of coffee

While this may seem like an innocuous thing to do while travelling through New Zealand, coffee lovers would disagree. Drinking coffee isn’t just a pastime in Christchurch, it’s part of the culture. You would have to really jump through hoops to find bad coffee in this city, so you can imagine what good coffee is like.

If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of good brews, Christchurch is going to be your new favourite place. The city has an abundance of high-quality cafés that offer only the best of coffee, especially flat whites. Popular ones include C1, which is in downtown Christchurch, and Hello Sunday. There’s an abundance of high-quality coffee here, which is why anyone that needs a quick boost in the morning or afternoon should definitely go for a taste test run of the city!

Any man that visits Christchurch, NZ will find that it’s a city chock-full of interesting and relaxing activities. There’s something to do on every corner, which is why so many people visit the city every year. Whether you want a touch of unbridled nature or just a taste of finely brewed coffee, you won’t lack for things to do.