Hair Color Trends and Ideas for Men

Color is an underutilized way of adding a unique style and aesthetic appeal to your hair. Many men make the mistake of thinking when they color their hair, they have to go all out and look completely different, but the truth is even adding small highlights can make a big difference without looking too ‘out there’. Take a look at some of these awesome hair color ideas we’ve put together for you guys. Click To Read More

30 Classy Hairstyles For Men

This season men are looking to the 1950s and 60s for inspiration with hybrid looks making waves as styles embracing natural texture. The pompadour was a popular men’s hairstyle this year. But the more classic style that was slicked back with extra hold pomades and lots of shine will be seen less except for guys that like their hair cut on the shorter side. Click To Read More

30 Classy Taper Fade Cuts for Men

An important aspect of almost every men’s haircut is a properly done taper. What is a taper? Basically a taper is a gradual trim which results in decreased hair length around the ears and back of your hair, this hair is also usually blended to make for a smooth haircut. Here are some hairstyles showcasing different types of tapers. Click To Read More

Popular Retro Hairstyles For Men

Modern men’s hairstyles tend to lean toward spikes and a messy appearance. However, there are several popular retro hairstyles for men that have either never lost their popularity or are making a comeback. Several of these styles are able to evoke a sense of nostalgia and transport one to a past era. However, choosing the right look depends a great deal on the type of hairs. Click To Read More

30 Types of Man Bun Styles for Men’s

The undercut bun or as others would call it, a top knot is a mixture of two of the trendiest hairstyles of 2016 – The Undercut and the man bun. This hybrid style is extremely difficult to pull off but if you can – it looks amazing! We’ve gathered the best looking top knot’s we could find to inspire you to take the risk of trying out this hairstyle. Click To Read More

Older Men’s Hairstyles 2016

Older men looking for hairstyles may feel limited by their options. Fortunately, there are plenty of short and long hairstyles for older men – even those with gray hair, thinning hair, or a receding hairline. For example, hairstyles for men over 50 with salt and pepper hair include side parts, brush ups, the modern comb over, or even buzz cuts. Any of these classic styles and cuts would look great for mature men – it’s just a matter of styling and being confident in your look. Click To Read More

30 Cool Hairstyles for Men

Guys are always looking for the coolest and trendiest new hairstyle. In anticipation of 2016 and the many hair trends it will bring we hope to get you started on the right path to looking your best. These 30 hairstyles will look great no matter the occasion, whether you’re attending a new years party and need a great hairstyle or just want to look your best for a new job or new semester of college. Click To Read More

30 Best Ways To Style The Man Fringe

No other men’s haircut element changes your all appearance as much as fringes. Aside from changing the hair length, they are yet another option for all who like to change their hairstyles every once in a while. The presence and type of fringes drastically influence your facial appearance. You may like to check out whether fringes complement your face. Fringes may be long or short and they may be cut round or pointy. They may be allowed to hang straight down, brushed to one side or cut into a pointy shape. Accenting individual strands of the fringes is yet another option. Today’s cool fringes are irregular, the less regular the better! We show options for 30 Men’s Long Fringe Hairstyles. Click To Read More